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Llamas for Sale: Mission

Muir's buddy Chen for sale!

Another stud-quality boy!
Chen O'Joy ILR#296143

Chen at a little over 2 years old resized_edited.jpg

I may be 3 weeks younger than Muir, but I'm just as sweet and just as strong!


Zhao will be for sale when he finishes 4-H at the end of the summer of 2024.

zhao left.jpg

More on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Muir O'Joy  ILR#296141

Born in the spring of 2021, I am ready to breed now and ready to carry a full load summer of 2025.

I am very sweet--I love to be hugged and petted, but I'm not pushy.

My father is an outstanding pack llama and my mother produced some of the best llamas on the ranch.  She passed (I'm the last of her offspring), but I expect to grow at least as tall as my tall elegant  half-sister.

My training started the day I was born and I get daily training.  As you can see, my pasture is a hillside with lots of obstacles, so I get practice with obstacles and build up my muscles every day!                               


Llamas for Sale: What's Happening
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